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Use of the Chapel for Music Practice

The Chapel is available at certain times for music practice. This page sets out some guidelines to help this happen as smoothly as possible.


It is very important that the temperature in the Chapel is maintained between 13 and 18 degrees Celsius to avoid putting the organ and piano out of tune. When the Chapel is not in use, the thermostat is set to 13 Celsius. You can raise it to 18 using the arrow key on the panel near the font. Please return the temperature to 13 before leaving.


There is a Yamaha grand piano and a two-manual organ in the Chapel. Members of college are welcome to use the piano and organ, though those wishing to use the organ should speak to the chairman of the trustees (see the who's who page). Unfortunately there is no space to store students' instruments in Chapel.

Other Users of the Chapel

The Chapel is used by a number of different people. You should be aware that:


It is anticipated that the Chapel will mostly be used for personal practice, and there is no need to book for this as long as you are considerate of other users of the Chapel. However, if you need to be sure that the Chapel is free, you can book by emailing the Bursar's secretary at Sharon.Knight@chu.cam.ac.uk.

Locking Up

College residents can get into the Chapel with their room key. Others may borrow a key from the porters by signing for it in the Porters' Lodge. On leaving the Chapel, please ensure that it is tidy, that all lights are switched off and that the main door is locked.

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