As Christians within Churchill’s Christian Union we believe that God created us in the beginning in order that we might have a relationship with him, a relationship that is fuelled by love and reverence for him. However rather than loving him with all our hearts we have put ourselves first and rejected God and since he is completely just we are to be brought to justice for our transgressions. However, as God is completely loving, rather than let us face His judgement God came down to this world as a man, Jesus Christ, humbling himself as he was crucified on the cross, taking the punishment we deserve. As proof that the punishment was paid, Jesus was raised back to life; death could not hold Him. So, through believing in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ our Savior, living with Him at the Center of our lives as Lord, we are forgiven and can enjoy a loving and fruitful relationship with God through eternal life with him.

We therefore have a mission to bring glory to the name of the Lord our God and part of this mission is to reach out to those who don’t already know him and help them to learn of his love for them. For this reason we aim to use all the opportunities that God provides, through termly evangelistic events or simply through relationships with friends in college. As Christians we meet to read the Bible as a group and discuss its meaning for us as we prepare ourselves to glorify God. We also pray together and share in each others problems and joys, providing support for our brothers and sisters of God’s family.

As a college CU we welcome all Christian from many denominations: college group is a union of all sorts of different Christians in Churchill – so don’t feel worried about any of that!

Churchill CU is part of the Cambridge Inter-Collegiate Christian Union (CICCU) and so follows its doctrinal basis. To read this and other information about CICCU’s mission visit their website.

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