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A word from the senior treasurer

It's great that the Gods are re-inventing themselves and launching a website.
The Gods were very active indeed throughout the Seventies. When I joined Churchill as a Fellow in 1970 I was immediately press-ganged into replacing someone who'd dropped out of a production of Ruffian on the Stairs in the Wolfson. The director was Sean Baker, who went on to become a professional actor. There was a main production in the Wolfson each of the first two terms and a touring children's theatre production going round primary schools during May Week. I remember seeing St George and the Dragon(two years running), a version of Sir Gawayne and the Green Knight(I still have the Green Knight's head)and even an episode from the Ramayana. In addition to these main productions there were also rehearsed readings and various entertainments. One rehearsed reading was a memorial tribute to Ezra Pound-- and for such a solemn occasion College Council even paid for the posters. Music to a Treasurer's ears!
Other Gods graduates besides Sean are Andrew Hilton(who runs the Tobacco Factory in Bristol),Paul Wilmshurst(a TV producer) and of course the very famous Tim Supple. And now Tom Hensby and Luke Roberts are hot on their heels. Productivity declined or moved out of Churchill in the Eighties and Nineties, partly because the Conference operation made it so difficult to use the Wolfson. That seems to be changing now and the last few years have seen arevival of activity, not least the brilliantly successful Christmas pantos.

May the Gods long flourish!

Tim Cribb
GODS Senior Treasurer


The Mystery of GODS

Many people have asked me "what does it stand for?", "why is it called GODS?" "what does Churchill have to do with it?" and to each and every one I tell the same, four inspiring words...