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“Life in the Music Industry”–Friday 6 February,6pm

The Phoenix Society Presents:Geoff Travis,Founder,Rough Trade Records &Churchill Alumnus

Geoff Travis originally studied English at Churchill and supplied many of the records that started the College’s weekly ent,Pav in the early 1970s. On leaving Churchill,he hitched hiked across the US,amassing such a record collection that on his return,he decided top open a record shop,Rough Trade Records. The shop later became a label,releasing albums by The Smiths,and more recently Antony &the Johnsons,The Strokes and The Libertines.

Rough Trade was pioneering in launching the careers of several influential bands as well as providing a hub for people to come together and listen to music.
It hasn’t been without it’s difficulties &the empire went into receivership in 1991,resulting in closure of the label.

However,throughout,Geoff has remained true to artistic ideals and brought the label back to life in 2001,remaining as a successful independent label.

What the future holds,who knows?

This will be a unique opportunity to hear from,and meet one of Churchill’s most influential alumni.

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