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Over the last fifty years Churchill College has developed an outstandingly eccentric collection of modern and contemporary art.

The collection was started with donations presented to the college as the National Commonwealth Memorial to Sir Winston Churchill, including paintings by Luce, Lutyens and Romney and a large tapestry by Lurcat. However, over the years, and especially more recently, our strategy for displaying the most engaging works of art has become increasingly ambitious and long term.

While there was no distinct theme or policy for collecting works of art at its founding, the College did make a commitment to modern art from the outset. In the early 1960s, during the construction of the college, the pioneering British sculptor, Geoffrey Clarke was commissioned to design a gate for the front entrance, the resulting work is a sculpture cast in aluminium and a functioning piece of architectural design. This period also witnessed works by Henry Moore, an Honorary Fellow of the college, being loaned to display in the grounds of our 42 acre site. Other large-scale outdoor sculptures by Barbara Hepworth, Bernard Meadows and Denis Mitchell were to follow. It also saw the largest donation of works of art in the College's history, from a French collector of early 20th century French landscape paintings, and contains a bust by Bourdelle and a portrait drawing by Derain.

Sculptures, paintings, prints and textiles displayed indoors also serve to enhance the buildings and create an environment of engagement, reflection and inspiration. Artworks relating to our founder, for example the busts by Jacob Epstein and Oscar Nemon, are monumentally impressive, for like the paintings we own by Winston Churchill himself, they celebrate the relation between powerfulness and creativity. The college tradition of honouring each Masters with an oil painting has attracted a number of other distinguished artists to the college too, including Rodrigo Moynihan, Tom Phillips and, most recently, Tai Shan Schierenberg.

Through purchases, loans and gifts, the College's Hanging Committee has been particularly active in the period 2008-2012 with new acquisitions for the collection. Highlights included prints by Patrick Caulfield, Tony Bevan, Gary Hume, Albert Irvin, John Hoyland and David Nash. These hang alongside the earlier efforts of the Committee, including sets of prints by Barbara Hepworth, Bridget Reilly and Andy Warhol.

We continue to promote engagement with the works in our collection through a wide-ranging series of events, including a programme of curated exhibitions, tours of the collection and lectures by artists, art historians and critics.

Barry Phipps

— Barry Phipps, Fellow & Curator of Works of Art

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Art Exhibitions & News at Churchill College

Maisonneuve Exhibition

An exhibition of late nineteenth and twentieth century artworks from the lifetime collection of Pierre Maisonneuve.

20 Febuary–5 March

From the Collection: Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill by John Leigh Pemberton (1965), after Sir

The portrait of Sir Winston Churchill that hangs in the Dining Hall at Churchill College is a copy after a painting by William Orpen.

'Designing Churchill: 1959–2016’ architectural panel discussion

The architectural journey of College architecture was celebrated at a special panel discussion held in the Jock Colville Hall; ‘Designing Churchill: 1959-2016’ on Friday 23 September.

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From the Collection: Past, Present, Future (2010) by Geoffrey Clarke

Past, Present, Future (2010) by Geoffrey Clarke RA is based on a maquette produced for a public sculpture at Jersey Airport which Geoffrey Clarke made in 1996. 

From the Collection: Two Circular Forms No. 1 Opus 48

Barry Phipps reflects on the work of British sculpture, Robert Adams, whose Two Circular Forms No. 1 Opus 48 has recently been lent to the College's sculpture collection.

From the Collection: The Now by Nigel Hall RA

Barry Phipps introduces the newest addition to our sculpture collection, revealing how sophisticated geometry is used to articulate space and time.

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Enlightened Perspectives 2015

A Churchill student-curated exhibition of student works exploring the relationship between science and art.

9th–17th March 2014

Marvellous Transformations

An exhibition of artwork by Marianne Selsjord (1955 – 2014), inspired by the work of Maria Sybilla Merian, artist and naturalist (1647 –1717).

January 25th–1st February 2015

From the Collection: Sitting Figure 1959 by Lynn Chadwick

In this new series — Barry Phipps, Curator of Works of Art at Churchill College explores artists and artworks from the College's collection starting with Sitting Figure 1959.

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Enlightened Perspectives 2014

A Churchill student-curated exhibition of student works exploring the relationship between science and art.

12th–14th March 2014

'In Transit' by Heidi C. Morsang

A film about the repatriation of Norwegian volunteers with the German SS forces during the Second World War.

February & March 2014.

Nigel Hall RA at Churchill

An exhibition of works by the renowned British sculptor Nigel Hall RA.

4 May–2 June 2013

Architecture as Monument

An exhibition of photographs of Churchill College by Sam Laughlin.

8–24 March 2013

Chairs by Wegner

An exhibition exploring Danish furniture design by Hans J. Wegner.

25 October–28 November 2012