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Watch past CHUtalks from 2017–18

Preventing failure of tidal turbines — Anna Young

The next generation of tidal turbines makes use of smarter design techniques which take into account the unsteady conditions experienced at sea.

Crystal Structure Prediction for Next Generation Battery Materials — Angela Harper

Identifying high capacity battery materials is critical for creating better energy storage to lower our reliance on non-renewable energy resources.

Communism, Nationalism and Religion in 1950s Malaya — Ben Ashbridge

This talk explores the actions of British Christian missionaries amongst ethnic Chinese groups during the Malayan Emergency.

A Song of Ice and Collagen — Malavika Nair

Fine-tuning collagen scaffolds for controlled tissue regeneration.

Personal Adornment in Roman Britain: Romano-British Fibulae — Alex Sorgo

For the Ancient Romans, putting on jewellery could confer status, narrative and protection beyond the decorative.

Contactless Smartcard Security — Dominic Celiano

Uncover key lessons about the relationship between contactless smartcards and security, and show how using a higher frequency can allow for relay attacks.

Sir Hans Sloane and the Foundation of Science at the British Museum: Edwin Rose

The relationship between Sloane’s copy of A Voyage to Jamaica and his vast herbarium, which remains intact, held by the Natural History Museum.

Winners and losers — Communicating quantitative impacts of policies: Dr Cameron Brick

To make good decisions as individuals and policymakers, we need information about options and expected outcomes, but facts do not ensure understanding.

Is Directed Acyclic Graph consensus model the Blockchain Killer?: Oskar Syahbana

The recent hype over Bitcoin has exposed the weakness of the current implementation of blockchain. Is Directed Acyclic Graph the answer?

Energy Trilemma — Models to Evaluate Energy Policy: Natasha Turkmani

An overview of energy modelling fundamentals, highlighting the numerous technological, economic, and social factors at play.

Making better decisions — how companies build capabilities for sustainability: Catherine Tilley

How executives experience the conflicting demands of sustainable business, and how they resolve these tensions in decision-making.

Are the fastest stars in the Milky Way on the run from another galaxy?: Douglas Boubert

There are 100,000,000,000 stars in the Milky Way, but we only know of 25 which are travelling fast enough to escape our Galaxy.

Churchill — the Archive and the Man: Allen Packwood

The Churchill Archives Centre lies at the heart of Churchill College's campus.
But why is it there and what does it contain?

Grammatical Error Correction: Chris Bryant

With more than a billion people learning English in the world today, the need for Grammatical Error Correction is now bigger than ever.

Plant roots — Living and sensing underground: Elsa Matthus

How plant roots sense and react to their environment  — which is much more proactive than you might imagine. 

Insider trading in times of turmoil — Clemens Burgel

The relationship between political connections and potentially informed trading by corporate insiders, focusing on the onset of the 2008 financial crisis.

Structural and Counter-violence in the Radical German Left: Ali Jones

How the history of the radical German Left reveals different types of violence and the consequent reaction of ‘counterviolence.’ 


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