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Dr Cameron Brick — Winners and losers: Communicating quantitative impacts of policies

To make good decisions as individuals and policymakers, we need information about options and expected outcomes, but just presenting facts does not ensure understanding.

Previous work has established best practices for communicating quantitative evidence. It is particularly difficult to communicate society-level options, e.g. for Brexit and climate change, because policies have winners and losers (heterogeneous effects) and large uncertainties.

Nonetheless, governments, NGOs, industry, and individuals will seek to inform and persuade on society-level choices. As a social psychologist, Dr Brick has a keen interest in how information is received and understood (regardless of the sender's intentions or accuracy). In this talk, he shows examples of good and bad policy communications and call for a new research area on how to communicate policy options effectively. 

Dr Cameron Brick

Presented at Churchill College, 31 May 2018.

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