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Drugs from Bugs: All Natural (Products)!: Constance Wu

Natural products produced by living organisms exhibit important biological activity —developing newl drugs from natural products is important for addressing antibiotic resistance and improving pharmaceutical treatments.

This talk is an introduction to natural product research and some of the tools that are used to discover and analyse the enzymes and biosynthetic pathways that produce natural compounds. Insight into these pathways is important for improving the production yields of useful compounds and for engineering new molecules. In particular, I talk about research on a class of compounds called polyketides and my work on a molecule called magnesidin. This research includes bioinformatics work on genome sequences of bacteria, so I show how different programs such as antiSMASH 3.0, NCBI BLAST, and the Artemis Genome Browser can be used to gain different information.

This talk aso briefly covers the experiments that are used to support bioinformatics work, which include experiments on gene knockouts and the heterologous expression of genes.


Presented at Churchill College, 11 June 2015.

Constance Wu

Constance was a postgraduate student at Churchill College in 2014/15 undertaking an MPhil in the Leadlay Laboratory, Department of Biochemstry.

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