Dr Dane Vishnubala

Dane Visnubala

Sport and Exercise Medicine Registrar/ GP/ University Lecturer/ Exercise Professional/ PHE GP Clinical Champion for Physical Activity

Dane has been working in the health and fitness industry since 2002 as an exercise specialist and over the last 12 years has worked with a range of clients. He has worked heavily in exercise on prescription schemes and taught cardiac rehabilitation classes. He currently works in a range of roles, working as a GP in York, as a PHE GP Clinical Champion in Physical activity educating clinicians on behalf of Public Health England and an NHS Sport and Exercise Medicine Registrar.

Currently on top of his NHS work, Dane is a University lecturer in Exercise and Health at Leeds Beckett and the founder of CORE Fitness Education, a fitness industry education training provider. He also holds a number of advisory roles for various health and fitness organisations in the UK and is a strong advocate of exercise and nutrition in the prevention of disease and regularly presents to patient groups and other professionals at meetings and conferences. 

Outside work, Dane enjoys a range of sports and has run the London Marathon, played football for the Hull York Medical School and captained the University of York Men's basketball 1st team. These days he keeps fit through a variety of sports and activities.

Current Roles