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Jeffrey Rubinoff Fellowship

Jeffrey Rubinoff Fellowship in Art as a Source of Knowledge

A four-year research fellowship at Churchill College for early career postdoctoral researchers working in the field of Art as a Source of Knowledge, with a focus on the visual arts.

Human interaction with art, whether as creators, commissioners or receivers, by its nature engages the senses, the intellect and the emotions. From it we learn about ourselves, about the physical, social and intellectual world around us, and about wider society and other societies, in terms of culture, ideas, politics, religion and economics. It can be a window into other worlds, otherwise hidden from us. It provides perspective. It teaches us things of which we were scarcely aware, or even completely unaware.

The fellowship is stipendiary and paid between points 27 and 29 on the University scale of stipends, provided that the holder has been awarded their PhD (if the holder is pre-PhD, the stipend is reduced by 10%). Research and conference grants of up to £1,000 a year are also available. The holder is expected to become a member of the Department of History of Art or the Faculty of History at the University of Cambridge.

The holder is expected to reside in Cambridge in term time, and the College will provide, subject to availability, a Fellow’s set free of rent, in the College. A service charge is payable.

The Fellow will also be expected to participate in the annual forums held at the Jeffrey Rubinoff sculpture park in Canada and travel expenses will be paid. They will also be expected to assist with any events held in connection with the forums in Cambridge.

The Fellow is expected to participate in College life and governance and receives seven meals a week and may invite six guests a quarter, at College expense. Teaching may be available but the primary objective of the Fellowship is research and Junior Research Fellows are not permitted to teach for more than 120 hours in a year. Teaching should be offered to the Senior Tutor of the College first and will be paid at a rate of 33% above the standard inter-collegiate rate.

This Junior Research Fellowship was generously endowed by the Jeffrey Rubinoff Foundation.

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