Fellowships at Churchill College

There are various Titles of Fellowship at Churchill College:


Full details of College Fellowships may be found in the College's Statutes and Ordinances. Fellows in Titles A, C and D are elected by Council; Fellows in Titles B, E and F are elected by the Fellowship Electors; Fellows in Title G are elected by the Governing Body. All Fellows, whether stipendiary or not, have the same common rights to dine and to attend meetings of the Governing Body.

Title A Fellowships

These are teaching and administrative Fellowships. Only persons who hold office in the College (such as College Lecturer, Tutor, or Director of Studies) or in the University may be elected. For further information please contact the Senior Tutor.

Title B (Senior) Research Fellowships

Senior Research Fellowships are non-stipendiary Fellowships and are offered to "persons whom the Fellowship Electors consider worthy to conduct research in any subject". In making elections, regard is taken of age, experience, and promise of the person or persons under consideration. A Senior Research Fellow will be elected for an initial tenure not exceeding five years, and the Fellowship Electors have power to extend that tenure subject to a maximum of ten years in all. Election is made in the Lent Term, after nomination by a Fellow of the College in the Michaelmas Term and there is a limit of five Fellowships in this category.

Title B (Junior) Research Fellowships

Early Career Fellowships (Junior Research Fellowships as they are known in Churchill College) are open to graduates, men or women, of any University, with no age limit, but will normally be awarded to candidates who have recently completed their PhD or are close to completion. A stipend is attached to some of these Fellowships which have a maximum tenure of three years. The Fellowships are widely advertised in the Michaelmas Term and elections made early in the Easter Term.

The College generally awards at least two stipendiary Fellowships annually. There are also a number of named Fellowships (when funds allow) which are advertised at the same time.

Details and applications.

Title C (Professorial) Fellowships

Subject to the University Statutes, the College may elect into a Fellowship under Title C, any person holding a Professorship in the University, or any of the Readerships or administrative offices specified for the time being in Schedule B of the University Statutes. Fellows in Titles A, B, E and G, who are appointed to Professorships in the University are normally automatically transferred to this Title.

Title D (Retired) Fellowships

The College may elect any Fellow who has attained the age of sixty years, or who has been a Fellow for not less than twenty-five years, or who has been compelled to vacate his or her Fellowship under Title A, B or C either for reasons of ill health or for any other cause which the Council shall deem to be sufficient. A Fellow under Title D shall hold the Fellowship for life. Title D Fellows may attend and speak at meetings of the Governing Body but do not have voting rights.

Title E (Extraordinary) Fellowships

Fellows are elected under this Title who have shown themselves to be of exceptional distinction in the advancement of learning and research.

Title F (Overseas) Fellowships

Overseas Fellowships are full Fellowships of the College and are offered to senior academics from abroad. They are intended for distinguished visitors who will spend a full academic year at the College who are likely to be, for example, full professors, hold honours equivalent to the FRS or FBA and be world class in their discipline. No stipend is attached to the Fellowship but there are certain dining privileges and entitlement to rented accommodation in College. Overseas Fellows may attend and speak at meetings of the Governing Body but do not have voting rights. Fellowships are not made by open application but through nomination by a sponsoring Fellow of the College. The nominating Fellow will have to show that the nominee is coming to work in collaboration with him or her.

The following Fellowships may be held at Overseas Fellow or visiting By-Fellow level, at the discretion of the Fellowship Electors:

(a) French Government Fellowships

The purpose of the French Government Fellowship is "to promote visits by French scientific research workers to the University of Cambridge while allowing them to profit by the multidisciplinary environment provided by the College surroundings". The College liaises closely with the Counsellor for Science and Technology at the French Embassy, to whom nominations by Fellows are submitted via the Fellowship Electors. The charges for accommodation are met by a grant from the French Government. Normally, one Fellowship is awarded in this category each year.

Enquiries and applications should be made to the Scientific Counsellor at the French Embassy in London: www.ambafrance-uk.org/-The-Department-

(b) Technion Fellowships

The British Technion Society pays travelling costs, cost of accommodation, dining rights and other benefits, for a senior staff member of the Technion, (Haifa, Israel), and his or her immediate family, elected to a Technion Fellowship at Churchill College. They also pay a salary for up to ten months to a Fellow of Churchill College visiting the Technion and elected by them to a Visiting Fellowship. For further details, please contact the.

Title G (Supernumerary) Fellowships

Fellows are elected under this Title if the Governing Body considers that they are specially fitted to be elected a Fellow and that it will be in the interests of the College to elect them.



Visiting By-Fellowships

Visiting By-Fellowships are offered to the following:

(a) younger academics, visiting scholars coming from within the United Kingdom, and senior academics from overseas staying for shortish periods of time, such as one term;

(b) several categories of non-academic professionals.

The Fellowship Electors is the body responsible for the election of senior academics and visiting scholars, while the College Council generally elects the non-academic professionals.


By-Fellowships elected by the Fellowship Electors

As with Overseas Fellowships, By-Fellowships are not made by open application but through nomination by a sponsoring Fellow of the College to the Fellowship Electors. The nominating Fellow will have to show that the nominee is coming to work in collaboration with him or her.

By-Fellows, while being neither full Fellows nor being permitted to attend meetings of the Governing Body, are strongly encouraged to take a full part in the social life of the College. They may attend various guest nights and other special dinners in College and use the facilities of the Senior Combination Room in the same way as Overseas Fellows.

No stipend is attached to the Fellowship but there may be an allowance for High Table dining. There is also entitlement to rented accommodation in College, if available. Please contact the Registrar for further information.

Named By-Fellowships (French Government, Technion) are offered to less senior academics wishing to stay in Cambridge for a minimum of one Term. See individual headings under Overseas Fellowships above for further details.

By-Fellowships elected by the College Council.

There are five different categories:

(a) Archives By-Fellowships

Archives By-Fellowships are offered to those wishing to undertake significant work in the Churchill Archives Centre. The appointment is made through nomination by the Archives Committee.

Archives By-Fellows are entitled to seven meals per week at College expense. There is no stipend attached to the By-Fellowship. The duration of an Archives By-Fellowship may be from one term to one year. For further details, please contact the Director of the Archives Centre.

Director of the Archives Centre

John Antcliffe Archives By-Fellowship

With the very generous assistance of the John Antcliffe Fund, a sponsored by-fellowship has been established for a project project concerned with the political, economic or social history of the 'Thatcher era' (approximately the period 1975-1997).

More information

(b) Artist By-Fellowships

The College offers Artist By-Fellowships from time to time.'Artist' may include visual, plastic, musical, literary, or dramatic artists. The duration of an Artist By-Fellowship may be from one term to one academic year. For further details, please contact the Vice-Master.

An arrangement with the Faculty Board of English enables a Judith E Wilson Visiting Fellowship once every few years. The By-Fellowship is offered to someone with experience in dramatic production, as playwright, director, producer or actor, in theatre, opera, film, radio, or television. Further details are available from the Faculty Board of English.

(c) Postdoctoral By-Fellowships

Up to ten Postdoctoral By-Fellows are elected each year chosen from applicants seeking association with the College, who wish to be involved in mentoring members of the MCR and integrating into the College’s academic community.

Postdoctoral By-Fellows have full access to the SCR and its facilities, the right to lunch or dine at the College’s expense up to four times per month, and the right to host up to six guests per quarter, also at the College’s expense. 

More information

(d) Professional By-Fellowships

The Professional By-Fellowship scheme was set up to enable men and women employed in industry and commerce and nominated by companies to spend three to twelve months in association with the College and with a University Department. Professional By-Fellows are expected to fit into an academic environment and to have a specific project in mind - a project which should be of mutual interest to someone in a University Department and to a Fellow of Churchill, so that there can be maximum interaction between the By-Fellow, the College, the company, and the University. Alternatively, Professional By-Fellows may be senior manager in research-active local companies in Cambridge who work in association with Fellows of the College, or collaborative research projects. Professional By-Fellows are members of the Senior Combination Room and have dining privileges which enable them to dine at High Table on one occasion per week free of charge, and at other times at their own expense. For further details, please contact the Vice-Master.

(e) Teaching By-Fellowships

Teaching By-Fellowships may be offered to fill a specific teaching need. Teaching By-Fellows are normally expected to teach for the College for 3 hours per week. In return, they are entitled to seven meals per week at College expense and are full members of the Senior Combination Room. Tenure is variable. For further details, please contact the.

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