Staff Consultative Committee

The Staff Consultative Committee acts as a forum for discussion for all staff related matters and as a link between the College Council and staff. The Committee discusses employment conditions and the general interests and welfare of staff. The College brings things to the Committee when it wants to know what staff think of them, for example, when it is proposing changes to staff rules and regulations. Staff can make suggestions and raise queries via their representatives for discussion by the Committee. 

The Committee is made up of the Master (who acts as Chair), two Fellows and six members of staff. The HR Manager acts as Executive Secretary to the Committee. 

The staff are divided into three constituencies:

Grounds & Gardens and Housekeeping

Catering, Conference and Maintenance

Porters, Admin, Library and Archives

Two members of staff are elected to represent each of the three sections.

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Two members of the Committee are elected by its members to represent staff views on College Council. This is an important role since the Members have full voting rights on College Council, which is the main operating body of the College.

You can see the recent minutes and upcoming agenda for meetings by clicking the buttons below.

October 2019

If you’d like to know more or are thinking about getting involved as a Committee member, please speak to the HR Manager or one of the staff representatives.