Staff Survey

Welcome to the 2019 Churchill College Staff Survey. The aim of the survey is to find out what you think about the College as a place to work and to identify any areas for improvement.

The survey is anonymous and there is no facility for us to identify the person responding electronically. You’ll be asked for some information about department and grade, but this won’t be used to identify an individual, it is purely to help us assess the results more effectively.

Before starting, you’ll need to make sure you have enough time available to complete the whole survey (15 minutes approx.) as there is no option to save your responses part-way through. You can fill in the survey when you are at work, or if you prefer you can access it when you are at home, via the website, on any device.

Completion of the survey is optional, but obviously the more people who respond the more useful the data that we will get. If you have any queries or concerns, you are welcome to raise them with the HR Manager or to pass them to her via your Staff Consultative Committee Reps.

The deadline for completion is Friday 6 December 2019.

Take the Survey