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Important information for members of the University on how Brexit will affect them can now be found on a new dedicated website.

Alumni groups directory

If you are interested in starting a group then please get in touch with the Alumni & Development Office:

Alumni Groups

Churchill College Group of Australia and New Zealand

President (based in New South Wales): Mr David Anthony G10


Brazil Alumni Group

President (based in Paraná): Dr Howard Gabe G64


China Alumni Group

President (based in Shanghai): Mr Jason Qian G03
Vice-President (based in Beijing): Miss Silvia Li G11 


The Churchill BIFS (Belgium, Italy, France and Switzerland)

President (based in France): Mr Bob Bell U65
Vice-President (based in Belgium): Dr Jon Parker G87

Hong Kong Alumni Group

President: Dr Ka Keung Chan G86

India Alumni Group
President (based in Bihar): Professor Ajay Pratap G82

London Alumni Group

President: Ms Rosie Johnston U73

Massachusetts Alumni Group

President (based in Boston): Dr Greg Berk U78
Vice-President: Mrs Kirstin Woody Scott G06

New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Alumni Group

President (based in New Jersey): Dr Kit Cheung G00


Norway Alumni Group

President: Dr Rasmus Bertelsen G02


Churchill College Association Common Interest Groups

The Churchill College Association Common Interest Groups bring together Churchillians who share hobbies, sport and cultural interests. 

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