Dr Daniel Kaute

Postgraduate in Engineering 1991–1994

Current Position: President and CEO at Environmental Waste International

Daniel Kaute Portrait

Why did you choose Churchill?

Because Churchill attracts outstanding scholars – shown in its impressive record of Nobel prizes – making it an outstandingly inspiring place to be.

What have you been doing since you left College?

I studied engineering at École Centrale de Paris (France) and the University of Stuttgart (Germany) before completing my PhD in materials engineering at the CUED: fracture mechanics of ceramic matrix composites and innovation.

I am a serial entrepreneur. I have been President and CEO of Environmental Waste International Inc. (EWS) since March 2013. EWS has developed patented technology based on microwave radiation that breaks down organic materials, including rubber tires, into recoverable and usable by-products. The technology can also be used for sterilization of medical, animal, liquid and food wastes.

Prior to joining Environmental Waste I was CEO of Renewable Energy Management Inc. (REM) and its Joint Venture ENTECH-REM, which had a proprietary state-of-the-art low temperature gasification technology licensed from Australia. I’m also a President of SDAZ Investments Corporation, specialising in small business development with a focus on Clean Tech. Until mid 2007, I was President of Plasmatreat North America Inc. where I was pivotal in establishing Plasmatreat®’s patented Openair Plasma Technology in the American market. Prior to joining Plasmatreat® in 1999, I was a Director at Danone, where I set-up and ran their successful operations in Russia.

Any advice for prospective/current students?

Use the time to make amazing bonds with people from all walks of academia.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Apart from things like skiing, rowing, reading and intellectual companionship, I enjoy very much fostering the Oxford and Cambridge alumni community in Toronto. It is absolutely amazing where Oxbridgians end up! And yes, we still row all year long.

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