Dr David Hornsby

Postgraduate in Politics and International Relations 2006

Current Position: Senior Lecturer in International Relations and Assistant Dean of Humanities at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

David Hornsby PrortraitI joined Churchill College in the fall of 2006 as a PhD student in Politics and International Studies. Churchill was the ideal place for me as it had an eclectic mix of natural and social scientists. It was a fantastic interdisciplinary environment with a large international student cohort at the postgraduate level which meant a truly incredible exposure to a diversity of views and experiences.  

Churchill College, even with its focus on the natural sciences, is an important centre for political and historical studies as well, hosting the archives of former British Prime Ministers Churchill, Thatcher and Major. It is a vibrant intellectual and social environment where you can easily sit next to a Nobel Laureate in the dining hall, and not realise it. I found the relaxed and informal atmosphere of the College incredibly important in developing ideas integral for completing my PhD research as Fellows were always keen to share knowledge and talk through new ideas.

I also had a lot of fun during my three years at Churchill - formal halls, social events in the MCR and the excellent sports facilities are all highlights in addition to the life-long relationships that I formed with peers and members of the Fellowship. Indeed, it was friendships that I formed through Churchill that led to me taking up an academic post in South Africa. 

I often think fondly of my time in College and appreciated the opportunity to live and learn in such a stimulating environment where academic excellence is held equally alongside intellectual curiosity and good fun.

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