Dr Kit Cheung

Postgraduate in Social and Political Sciences 20002010

Current Position: Researcher and Consultant at K Crossing Research and Consultancy Limited Liability Company

Kit Cheung portraitWhy did you choose Churchill?

First, my doctoral research project is about the information technology industry. Churchill College has a sizable student body and faculties in science, engineering and technology fields. I appreciate such an environment where I will have ample opportunities to interact with these Churchillians and to learn from them, in both academic and social settings.

Second, I came to study with my husband. Churchill College provides accommodation for married couples and families with children “within” the college. Such a housing offer is not easily found in other colleges. Wolfson Flat – the building that accommodates students with families – comprises neat apartments and row houses for couples and their children. A decent playground is also located within the building’s main area. Parents and children can easily socialise with one another after school. Indeed, we enjoyed our time in Wolfson Flat immensely.

What did you study? In what way did you find Churchill College helpful?

My doctoral programme was administered by the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences. My doctoral thesis studied the development of the information technology (IT) industry and IT policies and it involved a multidisciplinary study of politics, economics and information technology. Thus, having ample social opportunities to interact with technology students as well as teaching and research fellows in Churchill College further fostered my understanding of the industry. One of the technopreneurs that I interviewed was indeed an alumnus of the college!

I also undertook fieldwork in Hong Kong and Singapore for a year. Churchill College generously gave me travel grants and awards to support some of my field trips and my participation in overseas conferences.

What have you been doing since you left College?

I am now a Researcher and a Consultant in my own company, K Crossing Research and Consultancy LLC, in the United States. I help companies and/or individuals who plan to directly invest in the United States by conducting market and industry research. These companies include information technology and garment manufacturing companies and private equity groups. Some of my earlier clients were my interviewees for my doctoral research project. The knowledge that I gained from my doctoral project can well apply to my current work.

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