Li (Gary) Huang

Postgraduate in Biological Science 20052006

Current position: Director of Business Intelligence, Tenpay of Tencent

The Wing Yip Scholarship provided me with the opportunity to study at Cambridge University. With the breathtaking scenery and the friendly environment around, the first thing I learned in Cambridge was to enjoy life. The second thing I learned was to work hard. Study in Cambridge is competitive and you need to work very hard to excel. During my time in Churchill College, I have also make friend with the former master Sir John Boyd from whom I learn what it means to be a noble Cambridge alumnus.

Carrying Cambridge’s big fame back in China wasn’t easy. You would have to work real hard in order to live up to that reputation. Thanks to Cambridge’s training, I managed to beat people’s expectation, and people started to focus on who I am instead of where I was from. During the past few years of endeavor, there wasn’t a single moment that I would not miss Cambridge and Churchill College, and I am always proud to be a Wing Yip scholar.

My advice to prospective and current Wing Yip Scholars is to grab some time to visit the Wing Yip family and business before you leave as their wisdom may broaden your eyes.

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