The College’s endowment, which stands at approximately £90 million, contributes nearly £3 million to fund College expenditure each year. The more this can be grown over the next few years, the more financial stability we can provide to achieve our educational mission.

The endowment is managed by the Investment Committee which has internal and external members, some of whom are alumni of the College. As we face uncertain economic times, and continual changes in policy in terms of funding Higher education through taxation, having our own invested assets helps us to guarantee that we will be able to continue funding education and research for future generations of Churchillians.

Your gift to the College Endowment Fund, however large or small, will help ensure that we continue to realise Sir Winston's vision of a community devoted to excellence in teaching and learning. You will thus help to sustain world-class scholarship dedicated in all things to advance knowledge and to promote understanding.

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