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Telephone campaign callers 2019

Our team of student callers will soon be getting in touch with alumni as we launch our 2019 Telephone Campaign

Our students gain a huge amount from the life experience of alumni they engage with and we hugely grateful to all our alumni who participate. You can meet some of the team below — we hope their call offers you a chance to find out about their Churchill careers and about College life today.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to speak to alumni and see what they’ve been up to. I don’t really know what I want to do in the future and it’s completely opened my eyes as what is actually out there.  Rachel Leedham (U16)

Meet the team

Anna Bui

Anna Bui

I'm a first-year Natural Scientist here at Churchill, hoping to specialise in chemistry. I am also currently a Cambridge Peer2peer supporter as well as a mentor on the Access Oxbridge scheme. In my free time, I enjoy playing live trivia as well as doing yoga.

Tom Upton

Tom Upton

Hi, I'm a fourth-year Engineer, specialising in Electrical Engineering. I'm also the Overall Captain of the Boat Club so spend a lot of my spare time rowing, trying to organise the club and sending out emails like it's going out of fashion.

Jacqueline Siu

Jacqueline Siu

I am a third year PhD candidate in the Department of Surgery from Vancouver, Canada. My research interest is on understanding the immune system in healthy human guts, particularly B cells and antibodies. I am part of the Churchill Music Society as well as the Orchestra on the Hill in various roles including soloist and conductor. In my free time, I enjoy playing real tennis, hiking, skiing and all things outdoor

Shazia Absar

Shazia Absar

Hi! I’m Shazia, a first-year medical student at Churchill. Outside of my studies, I enjoy music, drama and sports and am a member of the University’s Show Choir as well as the College netball team here at Churchill. I’m looking forward to speaking to alumni and hearing about their experiences at Churchill and beyond!

Xanthe Malcolm

Xanthe Malcolm

I'm a third-year Natural Sciences student, studying Astrophysics this year. I spend a lot of time on the river, rowing for Churchill, and I am also involved with CHaOS (Cambridge Hands-On Science).

Kluane Barnard

Hi, I'm Kluane, a first-year MML student at Churchill studying French and German. I'm particularly interested in the literary parts of the course. In my spare time, I enjoy rowing, a sport which I've picked up since coming to Cambridge, and have also coxed as well as tried my hand at a few shaky outings in a single scull.

Katrina Li

Katrina Li

I’m an MPhil student in linguistics, with a special interest in the intonation of world languages. Except for studying human languages, I also love the languages of nature. Jogging next to the grand fields in West Cam and observing plants in Xiaotian Garden gives me infinite pleasure in my spare time.

Michael Palmer

Michael Palmer

I’m studying for an MPhil in International Relations and Politics, specialising in the role of the Foreign Office in the management of the UK’s European policy. In my spare time, I sing in Churchill’s Inter Alios choir.

Michael Hu

Michael Hu

I'm a 3rd-year medical student, studying psychology and neuroscience this year for my Part II. Outside of work, I enjoy playing badminton and squash for Churchill, along with occasionally tinkering with a piano.

Julia Allford

Julia Allford

Hi, I’m Julia, a fourth-year undergraduate reading Chemical Engineering. This summer I hope to graduate with a masters in engineering in addition to my BA. My research project this year was a focus on the properties of different polymers notes for use in prosthetic heart valves. Whilst at Churchill I have been involved with the Christian Union, played for the college and university Ultimate Frisbee teams, rowed briefly for Churchill, organised occasional rounders matches when the weather permitted, and recently I planned and organised three MCR Guest Nights, as part of my role as one of two internal social secretaries on the MCR committee.

Wassim Bashir

Wassim Bashir

I am in my third year studying Information Engineering. Churchill has been the major part of my experience at Cambridge as most of my university friends are from my College as well. I have recently become JCR treasurer which has given me great insight into how the College is run as well as giving me the opportunity to give back to the College community. I also play squash for Churchill's team in the intercollegiate league. I have a keen interest in languages and want to learn French over the summer.

Yuliana Dementyeva

Yuliana Dementyeva

I am a first-year PhD student working on rural-urban education inequality in China. My interests lie in the field of development, particularly the way local policy-making promotes or restricts the widening social inequalities. I decided to join the campaign because I see it as an opportunity to raise awareness among the alumni of the efforts Churchill College is making to increase the educational opportunities for its students from all backgrounds.

Rachel Leedham

Rachel Leedham

Hi — I'm a third-yearr music undergraduate with a particular interest in Opera Studies. Last year, I was the treasurer of Churchill Spring Ball, as well as a College representative for University-led charities,  RAG and Pink Week. I've really enjoyed my time at Churchill, and look forward to speaking to its alumni

Development Officer — Annabel Busher

Annabel Busher

Hi, I'm Annabel Busher one of the Development Officers in the Alumni & Development Office. I organise the Telephone Campaign, so please contact me with any queries at I hope you enjoy chatting with this year's team of student callers!

2019 Annual Fund Campaign