2022 Telephone Campaign calling team


Calling alumni between 12th and 29th September 2022

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Our team of student callers were in touch with alumni around the world again this September.

The 2022 Telephone Campaign took place between 12th and 29th September. Each year our students gain a huge amount from the life experience of alumni they engage with and we are extremely grateful to the Churchillians who take the time to participate. You can read a little more about the students who were in this year’s calling team below. We hope their call offered you a chance to find out about their Churchill careers and hear about College life today. You have the opportunity to help future generations of students by making a gift towards our Think Forward campaign.

Following a letter from the Master at the end of August, the Development Director emailed all alumni who we hoped to talk to during this year’s campaign.
Read the email sent on 5 September 2022.

Meet the Team

Éva Bényei (G20)

Eva (P20)“Hi, I’m Eva, a graduated medical doctor and second year PhD Candidate in the Department of Biochemistry. My project focuses on bacterial communication and its effect on antimicrobial resistance (AMR).
Churchill is my second family, so when I had the opportunity to be involved with the MCR, there was no question and excitedly joined first as the Academic Officer and now as the Vice-President Secretary. I enjoy every moment spent with building our community, keep[ing] the Churchillian traditions alive and introducing new ones. I’m looking forward to hearing about our beloved Alumni’s dearest memories from Churchill College.”

Annabelle Moger-Taylor (U21)

Annabelle Moger-Taylor“Hi! I’m Annabelle and I’ve just finished my first year studying Biological Natural Sciences. I’ve loved my time so far at Churchill and alongside my studies, I’ve spent the year rowing and playing bass guitar in the Churchill Jazz Band. I really enjoy being a part of the community at Churchill as it’s so friendly, and I’ve certainly made some great memories so far. I’m looking forward to talking with the alumni to hear about their experiences here, as well as what they’ve been up to since graduating!”

Anna Griffiths (U20)

Anna Griffiths“Hi! I’m Anna, I’ve just finished my second year in Engineering at Churchill and am looking forward to specialising more in the mechanical side of the subject next year! I’ve spent most of my time in the past year being involved in the University Air Squadron, playing waterpolo, rowing with the boat club and playing the piano. I’m looking forward to the campaign and some great conversations with our alumni about their memories and experiences at Churchill!”

Reiko Barker (U21)

Reiko Barker“Hi, I’m Reiko and I’m an MML student reading French and German going into my second year. I’m currently the treasurer of the JCR and have enjoyed playing violin in Orchestra on the Hill! Besides that, in my spare time, I enjoy cooking (even in the college kitchens!), mathematical origami and trying to keep up with my other languages – Spanish and Japanese. I’ve made some lovely memories and friends here at Churchill so I am excited to chat with alumni about their time here and since also.”

Ayanda Mhlongo (G20)

Ayanda-Nomfundo-Mhlongo“Hello Family,
My name is Ayanda Mhlongo, a dynamic leader from South Africa. I am currently doing my first year of PhD at the Centre for Gender Studies, University of Cambridge. My research explores historical and intergenerational trauma in South Africa. Churchill has been home for me since 2020 when I was doing my MPhil in Multi-disciplinary Gender Studies. I am looking forward to awesome conversations with our Alumni where we will take a blast into the past.”

Lucy Haslam (U21)

Lucy Haslam“Hello! I’m Lucy, a first year Physical Natural Sciences student. Aside from chemistry, I love musical theatre, cooking and going to formals with my friends. I love the friendly atmosphere at Churchill and I can’t wait to hear about the alumni’s experiences during and after their time here.”

Lauren Price (U21)

Lauren Price“Hi! I’m Lauren a first-year Chinese Studies student. This year I’ve enjoyed rowing with the Churchill College Boat Club and I’m thrilled to be the new Overall Captain. I’m really excited to chat to alumni and hear about their experiences at Churchill and beyond.”

Zhiyan Sun (U21)

Zhiyan Sun“Hello, I am Zhiyan, a first-year maths student at Churchill College. I met a lot of nice people here and had a wonderful year. I love punting, playing card games and drawing pictures. And I am looking forward to hear from our alumni’s memory from Churchill College and their current life. It’s great to help build a friendly community among students and alumni.”

Echo Lyu (U21)

Echo Lyu“Hi! I’m Echo, an undergraduate majoring in Human, Social, and Political Sciences. I plan to specialise in Politics and Sociology in my second year.
Life at Churchill is so wonderful that I enjoyed every activity – rowing, playing badminton, having formals with friends – in my first year. I also joined the JCR as the International Officer to make Churchill an even more welcoming and inclusive place for international students all around the world. I can’t wait to share updates about Churchill with our dearest Alumni and hear about their intriguing experiences!”

Emma Bain (G21)

Emma Bain“Hi, I’m Emma! I’ve just finished my MPhil in Modern Languages (Ukrainian and Russian) at Churchill. Being at Churchill has without a doubt been one of the highlights of my Cambridge experience. As well as being part of a very friendly community here, I’ve had the valuable opportunity of joining the MCR Committee as an LGBTQ+ Officer, and have enjoyed being part of the college music scene and novicing as a cox in the Boat Club. I’m looking forward to hearing from alumni about their experiences of the brilliant Churchill community!”

Aura Patel (U21)

Aura Patel“Hi! I’m Aura (she/her) and I’m an incoming second-year History student, with a keen interest in Enlightenment political theories and post-colonial studies. Aside from academics, I’ve really enjoyed being on the Churchill May Ball committee for 2022 and partaking in the Cambridge theatre scene. In my spare time (when I’m not holed up in the Bevin Library working), I like to cook in the tiny college kitchens, visit other colleges and find new coffee shops around town. I’m looking forward to talking to all the Alumni to hearing about your fondest and most amusing memories of Churchill, as well as to sharing some of mine!”

Krishnavani Pavalaydon (G21)

Krishnavani Pavalaydon“Hi. I’m Krishnavani. I am just about to finish my MPhil in Industrial Systems, Manufacture and Management this year. I am greatly appealed by the friendly atmosphere at Churchill and I am looking forward to hear from the alumni about their experiences at the college.”

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