Telephone Campaign callers 2021

Our team of student callers will soon be getting in touch with alumni as we launch our 2021 Telephone Campaign

Our students gain a huge amount from the life experience of alumni they engage with and we hugely grateful to all our alumni who participate. You can meet some of the team below — we hope their call offers you a chance to find out about their Churchill careers and about College life today.

Meet the Team

Katherine Allen

Hi! I’m Katherine, a second year geographer at Churchill College. I really enjoyed being on the JCR committee last year as Mental Health and Wellbeing Officer. I love being outside and spending time with friends, I’m quite sporty and I also like to have fun in the kitchen. I’m looking forward to hearing about all of the Alumni times at Churchill and how their lives have unfolded since leaving Cambridge!

Jed Asemota

Hi! I’m Jed (he/him), a second-year History & Politics student. In my two years at Churchill, I’ve been on the JCR as Domestic Officer and have been involved in College football and Churchill casino. I’m really looking forward to speaking to alumni as part of the calling campaign!

Eliz Avni

Hello! My name’s Eliz, I am a fourth-year student at Churchill studying Sociology with Chinese Studies. In my four years at Cambridge, I have been heavily involved in the performing arts. I have performed in productions at the ADC theatre, tried my hand at stand-up comedy and taken part in theatre tours with the university across East Asia and Europe. I am very excited to talk to alumni and hear about their time at Churchill!

Maddy Elliott

Hi I’m Maddy! I’m a third year geographer at Churchill with a particular interest in both volcanology and atmospheric science! I have been a member of the Boat Club throughout my three years at Churchill and can often be found rowing on the Cam in my spare time. I’m excited to chat to alumni and hear about their experiences in Cambridge!

Jessica Frater

Hi, I’m Jess and I’m a second year psychology student. I have particularly enjoyed my time spent rowing with Churchill Boat Club, as well as playing the odd football and netball game. In my spare time I love spending time with friends, as well as playing the piano and guitar. I have made many memories in my time at Churchill thus far, and I am very much looking forward to chatting with alumni and hearing about their journeys since being at Churchill.

Kieran Heal

Hi, I’m Kieran. I’m a first year PhD Candidate in the Physics Department investigating polymer composite damage, but I did my undergraduate here so this is my 5th Year of being at Churchill. During my time at Churchill I’ve been heavily involved in the Boat Club coxing across the club and am currently the Junior Treasurer and a Lower Boat’s Captain. Before I moved into the MCR I served on the JCR for the 3 years and through being President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer I’ve been lucky to have a close insight into how the College works.

Amy Hornsby

Hi I’m Amy a second year law student at Churchill. During my two years at Churchill I’ve been heavily involved in the boat club, blading with the women’s first boat in first year and helping to coach our new novice recruits this year. I’m really looking forward to speaking to alumni and hearing about their experiences at Churchill.

Chris Hughes

Hello, I have just completed the 1st year of a PhD in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics on String Theory Phenomenology (I promise it’s not an oxymoron.) Outside of academics, I have spent a lot my time at Churchill thus far rowing with the boat club, where I am also a Lower Boat Captain (along with fellow caller Kieran and Amy), and running with the university Hare and Hounds. I look forward to speaking to fellow Churchillians at time spent at here, both past and present!

Fergal Jeffreys

Hi! I’m Fergal, an incoming second year historian at Churchill. I’m particularly interested in Europe during the late twentieth century and the transition to democracy in post-war Germany. Outside of my course I’m the Socials Officer at Cambridge University Labour Club and edit the Theatre section of the Varsity magazine. I’m looking forward to speaking to alumni about their experiences at Churchill!

Rebecca Moye

Hi! I’m Rebecca and I’m a third year Veterinary Medicine student about to start my clinical years. Outside of my studies I am a keen boulderer, and I love getting involved with the Churchill College interview processes every year as a student helper.

Morgan Sapsford

Hi! I’m Morgan, I’ve just completed my archaeology degree with a particular focus on North and South America and wrote my dissertation on smoking practices in Massachusetts. I spend most of my free time rowing in the men’s 2nd boat and love getting out on the water. I am currently the outgoing Men’s Vice Captain as well as a previous Lower Boats Captain so have been very involved in the Boat Club for the last three years. I have also been a part of the Archaeological Field Club’s committee this past year, where we have organised events for those interested in learning more about ongoing research and initiatives. I cannot wait to get back involved with the project and look forward to having just as many amazing conversations as last year, if not more!

Katie Thacker

Hi! My name is Katie (she/her) and I’m in my second year studying History at Churchill! This year I was the Editor of the Cambridge Tab and I’m currently on the committee of the Women’s Campaign as secretary, as well as rowing for Churchill College Boat Club. I’m really looking forward to the campaign and speaking to alumni about their experiences at Churchill!

Simon Zientek

Hi, I’m Simon, a First year PhD candidate in the Department of Clinical Neurosciences looking into imaging neuroinflammation with Positron Emission Tomography (PET). I enjoy the friendly environment of the college and enjoy spending time wondering around the grounds. I am looking forward to hearing the alumni’s experiences of Cambridge and their time at Churchill.

Annabel Busher

Hi, I’m Annabel Busher one of the Development Officers in the Alumni & Development Office. I organise the Telephone Campaign, so please contact me with any queries at I hope you enjoy chatting with this year’s team of student callers!


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