Lost alumni: 2000–04 matriculation

The following is a list of College members for whom we have no email or postal address to invite them to this event, or have reason to believe the address we hold may not be current. If you are in touch with any of them and think they would like to be sent information about their Reunion Dinner, please ask them to contact alumni@chu.cam.ac.uk with their current contact details, or to update us using our update form. Please note that in order to comply with GDPR legislation, we cannot record contact details you provide for other alumni without their prior consent.

Dr Robert Anderson, Past By Fellow 00
Mrs Ruth Berry, Past By Fellow 00
Dr Stephen Chinna, Past By Fellow 00
Dr Ewan Clark, U&G00
Dr Catherine Clayton, G00
Dr Arnaud Doucet, Past Fellow 00
Dr Jane Edwards, Past By Fellow 00
Ms Sarah Faraday, U00
Mr Patricio Feres, G00
Dr Adam Gutteridge, G00
Mr Neil Holden, U00
Mr Thomas Jerwin, G00
Dr Francis Johnston, Past Overseas Fellow 00
Dr Richard Jones, Past Fellow 00
Mr Andrei Kapustin, G00
Mr Benjamin Kennish, U00
Dr Naeem Khalid, G00
Mr Thomas Legerton, G00
Mr Mpiti Lenkoe, G00
Mr Robert McCrum, Past By Fellow 00
Professor Brett McDermott, Past By Fellow 00
Mr Timothy Mepham, G00
Dr Yukio Nakata, Past By Fellow 00
Dr Seun Obasanjo, G00
Dr Laura Preston, Past Fellow 00
Mr Lars Schreiber, G00
Dr Hala Sharaf, G00
Professor Hiromoto Shibahashi, Past Overseas Fellow 00
Dr Mairead Skelly, U00
Dr Alicia Soderberg, G00
Dr Digby Symons, Past Fellow 00
Dr Yisheng Tian, G00
Mr Barnaby Watts, U00
Dr Daniel Wesley, G00
Dr Kevin Williams, Past Fellow 00
Dr Robert Wolf, G00
Miss Androula Yiakoumetti, Past Fellow 00

Mr Varqa Abyaneh, G01
Mr Andy Buller, U01
Ms Caroline Burdon, U01
Dr Emily Butterworth, Past Fellow 01
Mr Duncan Cartner, U01
Ms Julie Conn, G01
Ms Charlotte-Mai Doremus, G01
Mrs Olof Finnsdottir, G01
Dr Julian Gutierrez Albilla, G01
Mr Philip Henderson, U01
Mr Alex Kandarakis, G01
Ms Young Ji Kim, U01
Mr Jonathan Knight, U01
Dr Yow Kok, G01
Mr Yilei Liu, G01
Mr Julius Lucks, G01
Dr Malwina Luczak, Past Fellow 01
Mr Scott McGarvie, G01
Mr Sachi Mukherjee, G01
Mr David Negrier, G01
Dr Birgit Olsen, Past By Fellow 01
Mr Keiichi Ozawa, G01
Mr David Radford, G01
Dr Bernhard Rieger, Past By Fellow 01
Dr Noriaki Sano, Past By Fellow 01
Dr Aruna Sathyamurthy, G01
Ms Sobia Shafiq, G01
Mr Helgi Sigurdsson, G01
Dr Dalena Wright, G01

Dr Fausto Arellano-Carbajal, G02
Dr Gehan El-Hussieny, G02
Ms Laura Elliott, U02
Mr Alistair Gibbs, U02
Mr Daniel Goodkin, U02
Dr Constanze Kugler, G02
Mr William Lopes, G02
Ms Hazel Lote, U02
Mr Steve McGrath, G02
Ms Maggie O’Carroll, G02
Ms Nicola Pyper, U02
Dr Fiona Rowe, G02
Mr Jonathan Spencer, U02
Mr Christopher Wade, G02
Mr Daisuke Watanabe, G02

Mr Niels Andreasen, G03
Dr Garry Bowen, Past Fellow 03
Dr Jenny Clark, G03
Dr Manuel Costa, G03
Mr Kensuke Date, G03
Dr Margaret Ebert, G03
Ms Diane Hiley, U03
Ms Amanda Iacobelli, G03
Professor Dmitry Ioffe, Past Overseas Fellow 03
Mr Masashi Ishibashi, U03
Mr Jung Ro Kim, G03
Dr Yiuka Leung, U03
Mr Jack Lister, U03
Mr Holger Sagmeister, U03
Mr Benjamin Sahan, G03
Mr Zhiqian Shen, G03
Mr Dipongkar Talukder, G03
Professor Adriana Trozzi, Past By Fellow 03

Dr Meerjady Flora, G04
Dr Alex Greninger, G04
Mr Yat Lee, G04
Mr John Linford, U04
Ms Kathryn Meehan, G04
Ms Serena Povia, G04
Dr Lucy Randles, G04
Dr Marko Raseta, U&G04
Dr Iga Wegorzewska, G04
Mr Gouchao Xiao, G04
Ms Tingting Zhu, G04