Subject guide

This guide groups the collections held at Churchill Archives Centre under various subject headings. We have a fantastic wealth of collections of personal papers (almost 600) but if you are interested in a subject, theme or event, this is the place to start. The subject guide helps you find out 'Which collections cover World War 2?', or 'Is there anything about women's history?'.

It is the 'way in' to our collections for people interested in subjects, rather than in specific individuals. The Subject Guide covers all the collections held by the Centre (even those which have not been catalogued yet). Of course many of our collections have now been catalogued online so the Subject Guide can be used in conjunction with all our other online resources.

Clicking on 'further details' next to each entry in the Subject Guide will take you to the relevant section of the Full Guide to the Archives Centre's holdings where further details about each collection are available.

We would be very grateful for comments and suggestions for improvements we can make to this guide.

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