World War I: Naval Collections

Collection Name:

ADAM (further details)
ALLEN (further details)
ASHMORE (further details)
BEAMISH, Henry & Tufton (further details)
BRUFORD (further details)
BUIST (further details)
CARDEN (further details)
CHURCHILL, Winston (1874-1945) (further details)
CLARKE, Arthur Wellesley (further details)
CLARKE, William Francis (further details)
CRESWELL (further details)
CROOKE (further details)
CUNNINGHAM OF HYNDHOPE (further details)
DANIEL (further details)
DAVIS (further details)
DENNISTON (further details)
DE ROBECK (further details)
DE SAUSMAREZ (further details)
DRAX (further details)
DREYER (further details)
EDELSTEN (further details)
ELMHIRST (further details)
FAWCETT (further details)
FELL (further details)
FISHER, John Arbuthnot (further details)
FISHER, Admiral Sir William (further details)
GODFREY (further details)
GODFREY-FAUSSETT (further details)
HALDANE (further details)
HALL, Reginald (further details)
HARPER, Captain Geoffrey (further details)
HARPER, Vice-Admiral John (further details)
HOOD (further details)
HURD (further details)
IVERMEE (further details)
LESLIE, John Randolph Shane (further details)
LESLIE, Norman Alexander (further details)
MacLEISH (further details)
MARSDEN (further details)
MORRIS (further details)
NOBLE (further details)
O'HALPIN (further details)
ONSLOW FAMILY (further details)
PACKER (further details)
PARHAM (further details)
POLAND (further details)
POLLEN (further details)
POUND (further details)
PRIDHAM (further details)
PRINCE GEORGE, HMS (further details)
RAMSAY (further details)
RHODES JAMES (further details)
ROSKILL (further details)
SOMERVILLE (further details)
STURDEE, Frederick (further details)
TERRY (further details)
TOMKINSON (further details)
VILLIERS, Edward C & John M (further details)
WESTER WEMYSS (further details)
WILLIAMSON (further details)