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Collection Name:

AGAR (further details)
ALBU (further details)
ARUP (further details)
BACON (further details)
BAILEY, W (further details)
BAKER, John, 1st Baron (further details)
BANKS (further details)
BARLOW (further details)
BONDI (further details)
BRAY (further details)
CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY (further details)
CLAUSEN (further details)
COLQUHOUN (further details)
DRACONES (further details)
EASTWOOD (further details)
FARREN (further details)
GOLLIN (further details)
HALDANE (further details)
HARDINGHAM (further details)
HAWTHORNE (further details)
HINDSON (further details)
HINTON OF BANKSIDE (further details)
HOOKER (further details)
HURREN (further details)
HUTCHISON (further details)
JONES, Sydney (further details)
KELLY (further details)
LANSING BAGNALL (further details)
LE BAILLY (further details)
LLOYD, John (further details)
MACLEAN (further details)
MACRAE (further details)
OATLEY (further details)
PEARSON (further details)
POLLEN (further details)
PRESTON (further details)
PROBERT (further details)
RATCLIFFE, John Ashworth (further details)
SEDDON (further details)
SMITH, J Philip (further details)
STANTON-JONES (further details)
WALLIS (further details)
WEISSENBERG (further details)
WHITTLE (further details)
WHITTLE ASSOCIATED(further details)
WILSON, William Lawrence (further details)
WOODWARD-NUTT (further details)