Labour Party

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ABRAMS (further details)
ALBU (further details)
ATTLEE (further details)
BEVIN (further details)
BRAY (further details)
BROCKWAY (further details)
CHILD (further details)
COOK (further details)
DALYELL (further details)
DONOUGHUE (further details)
FOOT (further details)
GARDINER (further details)
GORDON-WALKER (further details)
HAMILTON, Mary (further details)
HYND (further details)
JAY, Peter (further details)
JAY, Peggy (further details)
KAUFMAN (further details)
KINNOCK (further details)
KINNOCK ASSOCIATED(further details)
LABOUR SPAIN COMMITTEE (further details)
NEWBIGIN (further details)
NOEL-BAKER (further details)
SCOTT (further details)
SILKIN, Baron, Samuel Charles (further details)
SILKIN, John (further details)
SPEARING (further details)
STEWART OF FULHAM (further details)
STRAUSS (further details)
WILLMOTT (further details)
YOUNG OF DARTINGTON (further details)