Pre-20th Century Political Party Collections

Collection Name:

AGNEW (further details)
BEAMISH, Henry & Tufton (further details)
BONHAM-CARTER, Octavius (further details)
BULL (further details)
CHANDOS (further details)
CHRISTISON (further details)
CHURCHILL (Additional) (further details)
CHURCHILL (Press photos) (further details)
CHURCHILL, Lord Randolph (further details)
CHURCHILL, Winston (1874-1945) (further details)
DE ROBECK (further details)
DILKE-CRAWFORD-ROSKILL (further details)
DREYER (further details)
ERLE (further details)
ESHER (further details)
FISHER, John Arbuthnot (further details)
FISHER, William Wordsworth (further details)
FLOUD (further details)
GODFREY-FAUSSETT (further details)
GORDON (further details)
HOOD (further details)
IRISH OFFICE OF WORKS 1847 (further details)
LASCELLES, Sir Alan (further details)
LASCELLES, Frank (further details)
LLOYD, George, 1st Baron Lloyd of Dolobran (further details)
MARLBOROUGH (further details)
MOWBRAY (further details)
O'CONOR (further details)
ONSLOW FAMILY (further details)
POLAND (further details)
RUCK KEENE (further details)
SAUNDERS FAMILY (David and George) (further details)
SPRING RICE (further details)
STEAD (further details)
STURDEE, Frederick (further details)
TOMKINSON (further details)
TUCK (further details)
VANSITTART (further details)
WESTER WEMYSS (further details)
WHITE (further details)