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Exercise 4: Data

Your task is to read the question below then look at the data given in the tables and the comments on the interpretation pages before producing your answer.

How serious was the German naval threat to Great Britain before 1914?

Any threat needs to be considered in two ways:

In looking at the German naval threat before 1914, therefore, we need to use the data to consider the extent to which the German fleet could actually harm the British, and the extent to which it merely appeared to be a menacing presence.

To do this, you need to use the data to address a number of subsidiary questions. These are some of the points you should consider:


Follow the links to the tables below and also the interpretation page to help you answer the question section.

The tables in this section relate to the relative strengths of the British and German fleets by the end of 1913. These tables include only those ships which had actually been launched by the end of that year.

Points to bear in mind at all times:

British Naval Expenditure 1907-14

These figures will give you an idea of the implications of this level of cost for Britain's naval expenditure:

1907-08 £31,250,000
1908-09 £32,180,000
1909-10 £35,730,000
1910-11 £40,420,000
1911-12 £44,390,000
1912-13 £45,075,000
1913-14 £52,800,000