Georgia Sorenson

Georgia Sorenson

Before coming to Churchill College’s Møller Centre, University of Cambridge, she founded the James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership at the University of Maryland, USA where she was Distinguished Research Professor. She is also cofounder of the International Leadership Association. In addition, Professor Sorenson has served as Senior Policy Analyst to President Jimmy Carter in the White House, Inaugural Chair and Professor of Transformational Leadership of the U.S. Army War College, and Visiting Senior Scholar at the University of Richmond’s Jepson School of Leadership Studies as well as the University of Maryland Carey School of Law.

An architect of the leadership studies field, she was awarded the 2015 International Leadership Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award, an award that “honours an individual’s accomplishments in the development and enhancement of the field of leadership over his or her lifetime.”

Dr Sorenson is co-editor (with George Goethals and James MacGregor Burns) of the four-volume multi-award winning Encyclopedia of Leadership, and The Quest for a General Theory of Leadership. She was coauthor of Dead Center (with James MacGregor Burns) an analysis of the Clinton presidency. Her latest book is on business leadership, The Power of Invisible Leadership (with Gill Hickman). Sorenson serves on the editorial board of numerous refereed journals including Leadership (U.S. Editor), Leadership Quarterly (Associate Editor, 2007-2014) and Leadership Review. She is co-editor (with Ronald Riggio) of a series, Leadership Research and Practice, for Routledge Press. Her upcoming book is on the business leadership philosophy of Béla Hatvany.

Cambridge TV interview

Gillian Secrett, CEO of The Møller Centre, interviewed Georgia Sorenson after the symposium.