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Computer Science Distinguished Lecture 2023 delivered by Adam Twiss (U93)

Alumni, Master, Fellows and By-Fellows, Staff, Students,
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15 Mar 2023

  • Start: 17:30
  • End: 19:30

Wolfson Hall, Churchill College, Cambridge

This year’s talk is delivered by alumnus Adam Twiss and is entitled My Career Adventures from running multiple startups to running the critical systems that power Google’s ‘Money Machine’

Adam Twiss founded Zeus Technology (with fellow Churchillian Damian Reeves U93) in a College bedroom back in 1995. It grew to being a 100+ person company that was sold for over $100m.

Adam went on to found various other startups after then (including Velocix acquired by Alcatel Lucent). After 20 years of Internet Infrastructure startups, Adam went to Google where he is the UK site lead for Site Reliability Engineering and in charge of the production infrastructure that powers large parts of Google’s $200B+/year business.

Alumni are invited to join current CompSci students and Fellows at this talk.

Following the talk alumni are invited to a drinks reception and may use their High Table dining rights to enjoy a meal in College.

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