2017 Alex Hopkins Memorial Lecture & Dinner: The Skull: a Multitude of Forms by Dr Phil Cox

24 Mar 2017
Location: Bristol Myers Squibb Lecture Theatre, Department of Chemistry
Start time: 17:00
End time: 18:00

This year’s lecture, entitled 'The Skull: a Multitude of Forms' is to be given by Dr Phil Cox, Lecturer in Physiology at the Centre for Anatomical and Human Sciences at the Univeristy of York.

Why do animals have different shaped skulls?  This important part of the skeleton has to do the same jobs in all species - protecting the brain and feeding - and yet anyone who's spent an afternoon in a natural history museum will be well aware of the amazing variation in the shape of the skull.  In this talk Dr Phil Cox will introduce us to some of the weird and wonderful skulls found in the animal kingdom, including the very strange domed, flat-faced skull of humans, and we'll discover why such an incredible diversity of forms has evolved.

The lecture will be followed by drinks and dinner at Churchill College.  Fellows and Alumni can use their High Table dining rights provided they are still within their allowance -  but any non-alumni or guests wishing to attend the dinner can book and pay for a guest place at High Table using the form below.

Speaker: Dr Phil Cox

Dr Phil Cox

Dr Phil Cox studied comparative mammalian functional morphology for his PhD in the Museum of Zoology, University of Cambridge. After successfully receiving his doctorate, he moved to the University of Liverpool to undertake a postdoctoral research project on the vestibulo-ocular reflex in mammals with Dr Nathan Jeffery. He remained in Liverpool to conduct a second postdoc, this time on the biomechanics of rodent skulls. In 2012, Phil joined the Centre for Anatomical and Human Sciences at HYMS as a Lecturer in Physiology.


Bristol Myers Squibb Lecture Theatre
Department of Chemistry
Lensfield Road

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The Alex Hopkins Memorial Fund

Alex Hopkins

Alex Hopkins was a student and Teaching Fellow in Chemistry at Churchill College who died tragically young in 2006. Each year, the Alex Hopkins Memorial Fund supports the award of one or more prizes for outstanding overall achievement in the final Tripos examination in Chemistry as well as sponsoring an annual lecture to be held in the Department of Chemistry.

Alex’s infectious enthusiasm and humour characterised his teaching and his exceptional ability to communicate his passion for science. The lectures, although routed in science, aim to be as much about entertaining as educating and are designed to be appealing and accessible to all.

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