CHUtalks Series: Holly Preece — Hot Subdwarf B Stars

05 Jun 2019
Location: MCR Common Room
Start time: 19:30
End time: 21:00

Part of the CHUtalks series: find out what research is going on at Churchill.

Speaker: Holly Preece

Title: Hot Subdwarf B Stars

Abstract: Hot subdwarf B stars are evolved core He-burning stars formed by binary interactions with a nearby stellar companion. Many sdBs reside in close binaries which experience strong tides yet the systems are most likely not tidally synchronized. These stars have been both predicted and observed to pulsate with multiple frequencies. Asteroseismological analysis of the observed pulsations shows that they do not quite fit with the theoretical models, especially in the close binary systems. The tidal interactions effect the expected frequencies of pulsation in these stars.

Followed by refreshments and cheese.

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Photo: @sachsanjoy