CHUtalks Series: Nabila Idris — Can "harmless" photos be dangerous?

22 Mar 2017
Location: MCR Common Room
Start time: 19:30
End time: 21:00

CHUtalks Series: Nabila Idris — Can "harmless" photos be dangerous?

Part of the CHUtalks series: find out what research is going on at Churchill.

Speaker: Nabila Idris

Title: Can "harmless" photos be dangerous?

Abstract: When a child bride consents to be photographed by an NGO -- how informed is her consent? This is the key question I try to answer. We juggle competing priorities as development professionals: we need to protect our vulnerable clients even as we bring them and their causes into the limelight. In developing countries, added to this mix is a culture where privacy is a nebulous concept, literacy is not guaranteed, and photos are a novelty. This talk is based on a four months long study that investigated how informed consent truly manifests in the field. There are two crucial takeaways: a) not taking truly informed consent can have harmful and unforeseeable consequences for subjects, and b) I propose a unique ‘stakeholder test’ as a simple technique to explain to subjects the possible consequences of their consent.

Followed by wine and cheese.

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