CompSci lecture 2018

16 Mar 2018
Location: Churchill College
Start time: 17:30
End time: 19:30

The Annual Computer Science lecture this year will be by Churchill's honorary Fellow and alumnus Chris Mairs (U76) entitled "The Disruptive Force of Narrow AI".

The lecture will discuss how we interact (often unknowingly) with narrow artificial intelligence in almost every aspect of our daily lives. And the last 5 years has unleashed a torrent of more or less informed speculation around the singularity when we create Artificial General Intelligence. But should we fear for our jobs, or perhaps our children’s jobs, in an interim world where narrow AI has taken over the jobs we do today or simply made those jobs irrelevant or unnecessary? Reflections in this lecture on personal experiences with many start ups applying AI to diverse, valuable but sometimes obscure use cases may provoke conversation around what AI will do, what AI won't do and what AI may do on a disruptive continuum toward the unknowable singularity.

Alumni are invited to join current CompSci students and Fellows at this talk.  

 Following the talk, alumni are invited to a drinks reception and may use their High Table dining rights to enjoy a meal in College.

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