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So that we can ensure that all Members of the Churchill College community stay healthy and safe, things will look a little different when you next come to College. But you can find everything you need to know on our new Coronavirus Guidance page  From the latest research from the University to what you should do if you have symptoms, and from the provision of College services to minimising the risk of transmission, you'll find all the answers to your questions here.

General Admission 2021 - Graduation

03 Jul 2021
Location: Churchill College and Senate House, King's Parade, Cambridge CB2 1ST
Start time: 00:00
End time: 00:00
Fully Booked

General Admission 2021

General Admission is the ceremony at which most undergraduates proceed to their first degree at the end of their final term.

After reading the information below, please complete the booking form by Tuesday 25 May 2021 in order to graduate. You should do this even if you are unsure of accommodation or ticket requirements; you can always get in contact at a later date if you need to make changes to your booking.

Please note, you do not need to give personal details for any of your guests. When asked for personal details for 'Attendee 1', you should enter your own. Lunch will be relatively informal so we simply need to know numbers. 

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Graduation in Person

In-person General Admission for Churchill College will occur on 3 July 2021. If you are unable to graduate on this date due to your exam results being released too late, you may graduate in-person 24 July 2021 instead. A provisional list of affected papers is available below.

Please note that 24 July ceremony should only be attended by those unable to graduate on the earlier date; graduands should attend the first ceremony if they are able to.

Graduation in Absence

You may also graduate in absence on 3 July 2021 or 24 July 2021. If you need, or would prefer, to graduate in absence, you should book to do this in line with the guidance above regarding exam results release.

Graduands' Dinner

For everyone graduating this summer, we intend to offer you a Graduands’ Dinner in College as a cohort on the evening of Friday 2 July. We will finalise the exact form once the regulatory situation in respect of COVID-19 is confirmed but we are hoping for a formal dinner in Hall. The dinner will be free of charge, but places must be booked. Guests are not permitted. 

Please note there will only be one Graduands' dinner, held on 2 July, to be attended by everyone - whether you are graduating in person on 3 July, in person on 24 July or in absentia. 

Arrangements for Guests and Graduation Lunch

We regret that due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, guests are not allowed at either the Senate House ceremony or the Graduands' Dinner. 

While no guests will be permitted at the Senate House, we understand that some people’s families and friends might wish to travel to Cambridge on 3 July to see you off from College before graduation and to join you afterwards. The graduation ceremony for Churchill will be at 10:50 am (to be confirmed) in the Senate House. Guests are being asked by the authorities not to gather near the Senate House, which will in any case be completely screened by marquees and tenting, so there will unfortunately be nothing to see.

But we will be processing down to the Senate House as a group, and families and friends will be able to see you depart College in your graduation finery. College will provide tea and coffee for people’s families and friends during the morning of 3 July, followed by lunch for you and your guests. 

Lunch will begin at around 11:30am (to be confirmed) and will be garden party style. You must book tickets for yourself and any guests to attend this lunch. Guest tickets will be charged at £25 per person (free for under 5s), but the lunch is free to graduands themselves.

Please note, like the Graduands' Dinner, this lunch on 3 July 2021 is for all students intending to graduate in summer 2021 - whether you are graduating on 3 July in person, on a later date in person, or in absentia. While there will also be a graduation lunch on 24 July 2021 (primarily for graduating postgraduate students), you will have to pay for your ticket if you wish to attend this. 

Important Notes for Completing the Booking Form

Please note, you do not need to give personal details for any of your guests. When asked for personal details for 'Attendee 1', you should enter your own.

Dinner and Lunch Bookings

You must book online to attend Graduands Dinner on Friday 2 July and graduation lunch on Saturday 3 July from approximately 11:30am. 

The dinner and lunch is free for graduands, but does need to be booked. Lunch guests will be charged at £25 per person. Dinner guests are not permitted.

Bookings will close on Tuesday 25th May.

Please ensure you enter any dietary requirements into the booking form, for yourself and (for the lunch) any guests.

Ceremony tickets

Please note, there will be no guest tickets for Senate House ceremonies held in summer 2021. Guests are being asked by the authorities not to gather near the Senate House.

Staying on for a Fourth Year: Failsafe Application

Students intending to stay on for a fourth-year course must submit a failsafe application to graduate in the event that they do not achieve the required qualification for that course. Please note, it is your responsibility to withdraw from graduation in good time by contacting the Tutorial Office once results are known so you may proceed to that course.

Failure to do so may lead to your graduating in absence, rendering you ineligible to join your course.

Students staying on for a fourth year should also remember to contact the Tutorial Office as soon as possible if they wish to cancel a lunch or dinner booking, or they may be charged. 

Ceremony and Dress Code

Information about the ceremony and dress code is on our graduation page.

Late Release Exam Results

We currently expect that any students whose results are not released by 28 June 2021 will be unable to graduate on 3 July 2021. At the moment, we believe the following subjects’ results are likely to be released too late for graduation on 3 July:

HSPS Tripos, Part IIB: Sociology


Natural Sciences Tripos, Part II: Pathology


Archaeology Tripos, Part IIB (Assyriology & Egyptology)


Archaeology Tripos, Part IIB (Archaeology)


Archaeology Tripos, Part IIB (Assyriology)


Archaeology Tripos, Part IIB (Biological Anthropology)


Archaeology Tripos, Part IIB (Biological Anthropology and Archaeology)


Archaeology Tripos, Part IIB (Egyptology)


English Tripos, Part II


Natural Sciences Tripos, Part II: Pharmacology


Land Economy Tripos, Part II


Natural Sciences Tripos, Part II: Plant Sciences


Mathematical Tripos, Part III


Natural Sciences Tripos, Part II: Physical Sciences


Natural Sciences Tripos, Part III: Astrophysics


Natural Sciences Tripos, Part II: Physiology, Development and Neuroscience


Natural Sciences Tripos, Part II: Zoology


Nat Sci Part II - Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour


Natural Sciences Tripos Part II Biological and Biomedical Sciences





Your address should be likely to find you for some years in order to receive invitations to reunions and events, details of your MA graduation where applicable, and publications from Churchill. Please notify the Alumni Office of any subsequent changes of address, which you can do by completing a simple online form or by emailing alumni@chu.cam.ac.uk. You should also update this information on CamSIS. 

Email address

Your Cambridge email address will expire shortly after graduation. Please supply a personal email address so that we can contact you.


Accommodation for Graduands

Graduands should contact Ági Lajkó in the Accommodation Office with their departure date. You should also contact the accommodation office with any questions relating to accommodation.

Email Accommodation Office

Guest Accommodation

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we are unable to offer guest accommodation this year.

Enquiries and Changes

Please contact Stephanie Cook if you have any catering queries or need to make changes to existing bookings. 




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We take your privacy and the processing of your data very seriously. Read our full data protection statement online for more information.