Give me Inspiration! the Paradigm Shift with Dr Helen Czerski

24 Jan 2018
Location: Wolfson Theatre, Churchill College
Start time: 17:30
End time: 18:30

Athene Doanld: In Conversation

A series of conversations exploring the individual paths of distinguished professional women who have made it to the top in their own particular ways. How have they found their own solutions to 'life', what tips do they wish they'd been given earlier on, and what might they view, retrospectively, with most pleasure or regret? 

The second in the Third series of our conversations will be with physicist, author and BBC science broadcaster, Dr Helen Czerski. Helen is also an alumna of Churchill College.

Dr Helen Czerski

Dr Helen Czerski

Photo credit: Alex Brenner

Helen is a physicist at University College London, an author, and a science broadcaster for the BBC. She is also an alumna of Churchill College (Natural Sciences, U & G97)

Helen is a physicist, first and foremost, but she’s acquired a few other labels along the way: oceanographer, presenter, author and bubble enthusiast. Helen gets particularly excited about the physics of the everyday world and the oceans. Looking up at the cosmos is very important for our awareness of our place in the universe, but the vast majority of the rules that make the universe tick can be seen around us in our daily lives. Helen loves to play with the world, and to encourage others to have confidence in their ability to explore it and think about it too.

Helen has presented documentaries for the BBC on a wide range of subjects relating to physics in general, and also atmospheric and ocean science. She is passionate about conveying the beauty and ingenuity of the physical world around us, and the perspective on the world that science provides. In addition to presenting, she is a writer and speaker, and also regularly hosts and chairs science events.

Followed by an audience Q&A.

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Places are free but bookings are essential. 
This event will be followed by a drinks reception in the Jock Colville Hall.