New Opportunities for Engineering

25 Sep 2021
Location: Zoom webinar
Start time: 11:00
End time: 12:30

In seeking to 're-imagine' Engineering at Churchill for the next 60 years during events at previous Association Weekends, we have reflected on the life and legacy of Dick Tizard, and have heard from distinguished Engineering alumni about the future of their industries.

Join Churchill Fellows Professor Sir Mike GregoryProfessor Malcolm Bolton and Barry Phipps as they announce an exciting development in the College's engineering outreach. 

This will be followed by an update on the Bill Brown Creative Workshops (formerly the Creative Hub): a managed and technically supported facility within the College to encourage and enable cross-disciplinary extra-curricular projects of all kinds, from engineering to art, to be built in the old oil store. The Workshops will include analogue and digital spaces, as well as a large project space for group projects and exhibitions. We are delighted to announce that the trustees of the Bill Brown Foundation Trust have generously agreed to fund the cost of the building. The next phase of the project is to seek endowments for the essential supporting posts of Director (part-time) and technical support. We will introduce the progress on the project, the opportunities it opens up and seek support for the vital next stages.

This event is a hybrid one in front of a live audience at Churchill, whilst broadcast as a live Zoom webinar. The talk will be followed by a Q&A with questions taken from the live audience, as well as from the Zoom Q&A function. Those signing up using this link will receive a Zoom link close to the event. If you wish to attend in person at the College, please book through the Churchill College Association Weekend booking form.