The significance of Churchill’s Zurich speech, 1946–2016 symposium

19 Sep 2016
Location: University of Zurich, Switzerland
Start time: 16:00
End time: 19:00

Monday 19 September is the 70th anniversary of Churchill’s famous speech at the University of Zurich, in which he called for Franco-German reconciliation and supported "a kind of United States of Europe".

The speech could not be more topical, having been cited by both sides in the recent European referendum debate. To commemorate the speech and discuss its significance, then and now, the Churchill Archives Centre has been working with the Master of Advanced Studies course in Applied History at the University of Zurich on an historical symposium to be held at the University, in the hall where Churchill gave his speech, on the 19 September.


Speaking at the event will be Randolph Churchill, Bridget Kendall, Felix Klos, Allen Packwood, Lord (Charles) Powell, David Reynolds, Andrew Roberts, Laura Sandys, Werner Vogt, Lord (Alan) Watson.

Keynote speaker Jean-Claude Juncker, President EU Commission

The event will run from 4–7pm and will be followed by a keynote address being organised by the Europe Institute. This will be given by Jean-Claude Juncker, President EU Commission, who will be introduced by the President of the Swiss Confederation..


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