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I am over 25 and have not taken the Meningitis ACWY vaccination. Should I take it before coming to the College?

Currently in the UK, the Men ACWY vaccine is being offered free by the NHS to students going to university or college for the first time as Freshers, including overseas and mature students up to the age of 25, when they contact their GP to have it, ideally before the start of the academic year. This is because they probably will be living and working in an environment associated with the higher risks of getting it.

Although you are now 26, if you have accommodation in College and /or will be sharing your working space with students, you might like to consider being vaccinated before you arrival, if you are able. If however this is not possible, you can obtain it privately at your own expense in the UK, for example at Superdrug it will cost about £70. This is approximately the cheapest available at time of writing.