I’ve been invited to interview at Churchill College. What will this involve?

Cambridge interviews are primarily interactive tests of academic ability based around discussion of an academic problem. We can’t reveal the precise content of our interviews (for obvious reasons!) but the University has prepared some excellent films that should give you an idea of what to expect.

Interview format varies a bit from subject-to-subject, but most use two interviews of around 25 minutes each (visit our Subject Pages for further details).

If you live in the UK and can reach Cambridge in reasonable time, your interviews will be probably be completed in a single day. If your journey is longer, we will provide accommodation for you the night before your interview (please note that we are unable to accommodate parents/guardians who may choose to travel with you).

Cambridge also conducts overseas interviews in certain locations: please check the University website for details and be aware that some have earlier application deadlines.

Note that some subjects set standardised admissions assessments that are sat at the time of interview .