I’ve done better than I expected in my secondary or high school exams. Should I apply to Cambridge?

We welcome applications from candidates who have already completed their exams. Having strong results in the bag can work in your favour, as your grades are a known quantity. However, we can only consider you as a part of the normal UCAS admissions cycle (Cambridge University doesn’t participate in the UCAS Adjustment or Clearing processes). Therefore, if you want to apply to Cambridge with achieved exam results, you will have to do this before our normal deadline of 15 October (for admission in the following year).

Before you consider making an application, you should bear in mind that the academic standards at Cambridge are very high and there is no guarantee of success — to give you some idea of the strength of the competition for places, over 80% of successful A Level applicants have two or more A* grades at A2.

Please e-mail the Admissions Office if you are considering this route: we should be able to give you an idea of your likely competitiveness.