Covid-19 Update

Due to the latest government update the College is now closed to all but essential staff. If you are a staff member and are unsure about your status, please remain at home and contact your head of department. If you need help with logging into the Staff Area with your Raven ID, please click here.

What am I NOT allowed to do with the College network?

This basically comes down to common sense. The College aims to have as few restrictions on the use of the network as possible, but there are two main areas where restrictions are in place:

  1. You must not use excessive amounts of network bandwidth
  2. You must not run peer-to-peer file-sharing software such as (but not limited to) BitTorrent.
  3. You must not connect a wireless router or access point, unless in accordance with the College's policies.

In more general terms, you must not do anything which causes problems for other users of the network, you must not attack or otherwise attempt to hack in to or damage either the network itself or any computers connected to it, you must not use the network for commercial purposes or personal gain (so you can't, for example, run a business from your room!) and you must not in any case do anything which contravenes either the JANET Acceptable Use Policy or the rules for the use of the CUDN.

Finally, it should go without saying that you must not do anything which is in itself illegal (such as, for example, downloading copyrighted films or music which you haven't paid for) otherwise, quite apart from the fines and other penalties imposed by the College, the University and/or the various Copyright protection agencies as appropriate, you may find that a squad of policemen burst unexpectedly into your room and do a lot of what's-all-this-then-ing before carting you off to Cambridge Crown Court.

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