What happens if I do not achieve the conditions of my offer?

Most of the offers we make are conditional on academic performance in exams yet to be taken (in the case of Overseas offer-holders, we also impose financial conditions). The number of offers we make exceeds the number of places available, because we expect some offer-holders to withdraw or miss their required exam results. In mid-August, when all examination results have been released, we review candidates who have very narrowly missed the conditions of their offer on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes, we have the flexibility to reprieve a handful of these candidates. In other years, we fill all of our places with successful candidates and are unable to confirm the places of any of our ‘near misses’. If we cannot confirm your place as a ‘near-miss’ candidate, we may make you available to other colleges via the Summer Pool, which runs immediately after the release of A Level results in mid August.