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Professor Anna Korhonen 

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Computer Science and Linguistics

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Senior Research Fellows,

Anna is Professor of Computational Linguistics and the co-director of the Language Technology Laboratory (LTL) and director of the Centre for Human Inspired Artificial Intelligence (CHIA). She obtained her PhD in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge and subsequently worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania and National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo. In 2005 she returned to Cambridge as a Royal Society University Research Fellow. Her research is centred around Natural Language Processing (NLP) and how to develop, adapt and apply fundamental NLP techniques to meet the needs of intelligent applications. Based at the School of Arts and Humanities, she is particularly interested in human-centric NLP that draws on the understanding of human cognitive, social and creative intelligence and focuses applications aimed at social and global good. Many of her projects are interdisciplinary in nature and involve collaboration with researchers in other fields and other areas of Artificial Intelligence.