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Dr Claudia Schneider 

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Claudia Schneider is a postdoctoral research associate with the Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication and the Cambridge Social Decision-Making Laboratory. At the Winton Centre she studies the communication of uncertainty about evidence to various stakeholders, particularly the unquantified ‘quality of the underlying work’.

Claudia received her PhD in Psychology from Columbia University and also held a graduate research scholar position at Princeton University.

Her research focus lies at the intersection of decision science and applied social psychology. Through various volunteer work and consulting projects in different parts of the world she developed an interest in effective science communication as well as cross-cultural, social psychological research related to prosocial behaviors, public health, and the environment.

Her doctoral research investigated factors that underlie and influence human decision making and prosocial behavior, to address real world social issues such as climate change mitigation and intergroup conflict. Her work uses a combination of methods ranging from quantitative laboratory surveys to field studies in diverse cultural and social settings.

Cambridge Social Decision-Making Lab

Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication

Claudia Schneider