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Dr Ivy Wong 

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In 2006, I joined Cambridge University as a final year student on the support of the Serena Yang Oxbridge Visiting Scholarship of the University of Hong Kong. I then obtained my MPhil (2008) and PhD (2013) in Social and Developmental Psychology from Cambridge University with the support of the Gates Scholarship. During these former years, I was a member of St John’s College and Murray Edwards College. I am currently an Associate Professor of Gender Studies and Psychology and Assistant Dean of Interdisciplinary Programmes of the Faculty of Social Science at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. My research concentration is on gender development. I am also broadly interested in social and developmental phenomena, such as stereotyping, accuracy of perceptions, and interpersonal relationships. I am grateful for this opportunity to return to Cambridge as a Visiting By-Fellow of Churchill College in the vibrant summer months of Easter Term and Long Vacation.

Gender Development Laboratory