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Dr Jayne Gifford 

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Jayne Gifford’s research focuses on the nature of British imperial rule on the peripheries of Empire, specifically knowledge networks and how imperial policy formulation was influenced by inter-personal relationships between politicians, military personnel and diplomats. At the Churchill Archive Centre, Cambridge, her research focuses on the triangular relationship between Winston Churchill, John Maffey and Eamon De Valera as a lens through which to view the Anglo-Irish-American-Commonwealth connection during the Second World War. This research will not only draw from the voluminous Churchill papers but also from the collections of politicians, military personnel and diplomats such as Brendan Bracken, Admiral John Godfrey, Flight-Sergeant Geoffrey Green, Alexander Cadogan, Mary Hamilton, William Malkin and Nina Onslow.

Jayne’s other research interests are in the development of the Australian Department of External Affairs and the role that early Australian diplomats played in the transition of Australia from Dominion status within the British Empire to a significant regional and global actor following the Second World War.

University of East Anglia