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Dr Marguerite Ronin 

Dr Marguerite Ronin
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Dr. Marguerite Ronin is a historian of the Roman world and a permanent research fellow in CNRS (Paris). After a PhD in Nantes (France) and Laval (Quebec), she went on to be a Topoi post-doctoral fellow in Berlin and a Marie Curie post-doctoral fellow in Oxford.

On a methodological level, she studies Roman legal texts from a historical perspective. In this regard she is interested by new perspectives in legal history/anthropology, and especially on the dynamics that tie together legal systems and political authorities.

On a thematic level, she mostly works on the environmental history of the ancient (Mediterranean) world. She combines institutional and economic history to explore the relationships between two sets of ideas : the development of the Roman imperialism on the one hand, and the control/exploitation of natural resources on the other hand.