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Guillaume Jacques 

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Postdoctoral By-Fellows,

Guillaume Jacques received his PhD in linguistics in 2004 at the Université Denis Diderot in Paris, was associate professor at Université Descartes from 2005 to 2009, and then was appointed as a CNRS researcher in 2009 in Paris. He was elected as directeur d’études in Linguistic Typology at the Ecole pratique des hautes études en 2021. He documents endangered and unwritten languages of  Western Sichuan (Japhug, Stau) and Nepal (Khaling) and the cultures that they reflect, studies the history and phylogeny of the Sino-Tibetan language family and engages in interdisciplinary research, in particularly with archaeology and ethnobotany, to reconstruct the unwritten past of East Asia. In addition, he undertakes crosslinguistic research on neglected grammatical features that are rare or absent in well-documented languages.